Aldi is offering its customers whole frozen salmon, lobster, duck and goose for the first time as part of its Christmas range.
The discounter is hinting at further premium line offerings in meat and fish being introduced in the future.
The Specially Selected seasonal selection,which is being backed by heavy promotion in national newspapers, is said by a spokeswoman to be a “stretch rather than a shift, from a positioning point of view”.
She added: “In the past few years Aldi has moved the quality of its core offer, and this Christmas range is definitely about premium quality,” she said. “Whereas in the past shoppers might have gone in to our stores buy cakes and mince pies for Christmas, we are trying to raise awareness that they can get more from us this year.
“Aldi has always offered stuffed turkey joints at Christmas, but this year it has extended the entertaining aspect.”
Further premium line products will be announced in a few weeks’ time.
The rsps for the Specially Selected range are whole goose £9.99/4.4kg, cooked whole lobster £4.99/350g, whole salmon £5.99/900g, and whole duck £4.99/2.2-2.4kg.