Aldi is going all out to carve itself a place as a premium discounter with a wave of upmarket own label products.
The additions, which will bring the chain’s own brand range to a total of more than 850 lines, include vacuum-packed fresh pasta that can be stored as ambient, salmon fillets in sauce
and crème caramel dairy desserts.
The newcomers have a substantially lower price point than equivalents from the major multiples. The Ravioli Funghi, Tortellini Prosciutto and Ricotta pasta packs come in 250g packs retailing at 49p, with Gnocchi 500g packs at the same price, while the three 300g salmon in sauce packs are priced at £1.49 each. Charolait Crème Caramel comes in a pack of four 100g pots for 45p.
A spokeswoman said: “Aldi is very much about offering quality products but we also deliver value because of our stores’ discounter style.”
New products from the discounter sector have scored well in studies in recent years, with several making the Top 100 New Products 2003 from Cambridge Market Research (The Grocer, March 27, p36).
The researcher’s MD, Paul Beresford, said: “Consumers are becoming more accepting about the discounters’ offer.”
Other new Aldi lines include pasta sauces in microwaveable 200g pouches at 79p, a range of prepared salads, tomato tortillas and also a collection of speciality cheeses in 150g pre-packed rounds at 99p each.
Mary Carmichael