Aldi has teamed up with a leading nutritionist to create a number of Olympic-themed smoothies.

Aldi’s consultant nutritionist Angela Dowden claims the smoothies are “energy enhancing and nourishing drinks recipes, perfect to help any athlete claim the top prize this summer”.

Dowden said diver Tom Daley should down the ‘Healthy Hydrator’ to give him the balance of all the fluids and carbs he needed to win gold tomorrow.

“The nation is rooting for Tom and the rest of the team, so we came up with the idea to create the range of refreshing yet healthy shakes to show our support,” said Dowden.

“Whether you need a quick boost or that extra lift of nourishment, Aldi has the perfect shake to lend a helping hand this summer.”

“I would encourage aspiring sports stars to think twice before they reach for a bottled sports drink in the shops. There is far more nutritional value in shakes made from fresh produce – and they’re much cheaper, too.”

Recipes and ingredients are available on the Aldi website.