Cleaning up after man's best friend while out for walkies has just got easier, thanks to a new dogfood that its maker claims produces 'pick-up-able poo'.

Called Alfie, the dry dog food is made to a unique formula that affects the end result of digestion, making it much easier to clean up. It is aimed at dogs that lead an urban lifestyle, which are often kept indoors for long periods and tend to be walked in public places.

Bernard Mather, marketing manager for producer Burgess, said: "One of the downsides of owning a dog is having to clean up after it when you're out for a walk together. Alfie makes life easier all round - it's a complete food, therefore easier to store and serve, it's very good value for money and it makes poop-scooping less unpleasant."

As well as the less traditional petfood benefits, Alfie contains healthy ingredients such as Omega-3 and biotin. It comes in 2.5kg bags (rsp: £2.19) and a 12.5kg value bag for £7.95.