Cereal company Kellogg's is currently running an All-Bran challenge to encourage consumers to eat fibre in more interesting ways. Headed by sci-fi icon William Shatner, the Shat's biggest tip is to add a little variety to the cereal each day, for example mixing it into a smoothie or adding it to salads. One combination that was not recommended in the list of suggestions, however, was bats.

So it came as a bit of a shock to a Swedish couple in Tanum when they discovered a shrivelled-up dead bat in their box of All-Bran. "It was really disgusting, we lost our appetites immediately," the couple told their local newspaper Bohusläningen. "You've got to wonder how it got there."

Kellogg's is wondering the same thing and has sent a representative to Sweden to take charge of the packaging, the cereal, and the bat, said the paper. The offending chiroptera (that's the Latin for bat, not All-Bran) is said to have winged its way from the UK. It's just sad that it did so in a coffin of All-Bran. Still, at least it didn't come back to life. Now that would have been a wake-up call.