Quaker is making it easier for health-conscious consumers to get their oats with three additions to its hot cereal range.
The launch of Take Heart, Organic Oats and Oatso Simple Raspberry will be supported by a £2.5m television, advertising and press campaign, starting in September, which will be fronted by a new Quaker spokesperson.
Take Heart, which has already been launched in the US, is an oat cereal with added vitamins C, E and B and potassium to help maintain a healthy heart. It is available from this week with an rsp of £1.79 for 8x32g
sachets, and is aimed at men and women aged 45 and above. Quaker Organic (rsp: £1.59 for 750g) and Oatso Simple Raspberry (rsp: £1.65 for eight sachets), which complements the three existing flavours of Golden Syrup, Apple & Blackberry and Fruit Muesli in the range, complete the new line-up.
PepsiCo trade marketing manager Nicky Seal said oats were increasingly seen as a healthy breakfast choice.by consumers.
“Hot cereals is the fastest-growing segment within the cereals category and as people are becoming more health-conscious, we believe this growth will continue.”