Allied Bakeries is overhauling its 120-year-old Allinson bread brand with a new loaf and a look based on Victorian designs.

The range is being expanded to include Brown Batch With the Taste of Sourdough bread, a loaf inspired by traditional sourdough and made from a blend of wholemeal and white flours.

As part of the revamp, the name of founder Thomas Allinson has been returned to packs. "Over the years much of the brand's heritage has been lost," said brand manager Ellen Bailey. "We have been inspired by the original packaging and adverts from the Victorian era, and have brought them up to date."

The relaunch will be supported by activity including national print advertising.

Sales of the brand have fallen 7.1% by volume y-o-y [Nielsen 52w/e 9 July 2011], but the company claims it has returned to 2.1% growth in the past four weeks.