Start-up nutritional food group Nutrinnovator Holdings, producer of the Altú cereal and fruit bars and Altú Black cola, has reported turnover up from £6,722 to £138,1243 for the six months to the end of September.
The result is despite disruption caused by its flotation in June and slow initial sales of the Altú bar.
The company attributed the rise to the appointment of sales firm Food Brokers to improve Altú’s sales, which resulted in a new listing in Boots last month.
Nutrinnovator is developing heart-healthy product CardioFlow for launch next summer. Altú Black is being
trialled in London before being rolled out next spring.
Nutrinnovator MD Stephen Moon said: “We’ve taken steps to address the initial slower-than-expected bar sales in a very competitive market. And Altú Black has been well received and we look forward to national roll-out in the new year.”