Premier Foods has come up with a novel way to encourage people to try its new Sharwood’s meal kits - it’s getting 500 people to serve up them up to their dinner party guests this weekend.

Working with marketing agency Come Round, it has recruited the party hosts via the brand’s Facebook page.

The hosts, who have each been asked to invite nine guests, have been supplied with a Chinese or Indian pack containing items such as balloons, Chinese lanterns, henna tattoos, a CD of Bollywood music and wrap kits from the range, launched last month.

The kits contain wraps or chapattis, a sachet of spices and a sauce, and are available in tikka, balti, jalfrezi, masala, sweet chilli and hoi sin flavours (rsp: £3.29).

After the event, partygoers will be asked to complete an online survey on the wrap kits and their shopping and consumption habits.

“This formula of social networking meets face-to-face marketing gives marketers an answer to the problem of reaching increasingly media-averse consumers,” said Come Round managing director Giles Harris.

The parties were a key part of the marketing plan for the wrap kits, said Sharwood’s senior brand manager Joanne Marshall. “We knew straightaway they would be the perfect vehicle to get consumers making and talking about our kits,” she added.

In January, Premier CEO Michael Clarke announced it would be spending £50m on marketing eight ‘power brands’, including Sharwood’s, this year.