Warburtons has spiced up its bagged snacks business with the launch of a range of curry-flavoured naan chips.

The snacks come in three flavours of increasing spice heat, from creamy korma to classic tikka and fiery madras.

The 150g bags (rsp: £1.79) will be hitting shelves this week with initial listings at Morrisons and Booths, and a 40g bag is to be launched in August.

Warburtons, which launched two square naan breads this April, said the naan chips were a logical extension for the company following the roll-out of its Baked Pitta Chips range last year.

“Curry is an institution in this country - it felt like a good place to go,” said Warburtons snacks director Martin Garlick, adding that the naan base held the curry flavour well.

Warburtons would be investing £1.2m over the next year in marketing its snacks brands, Garlick said, with activity focused on in-store demos and events that encouraged people to taste the products.

The company’s pitta chips range had been performing well since it was relaunched last spring following a fire at the Bolton production plant, he added.