First it was Lite, then it was Pilsner, now it is just plain Miller. Pilsner' has been axed in Scottish Courage's latest revamp of its mainstream US lager brand. It now aims to strengthen Miller's American provenance and give it a more premium position in the lager category. The brand was first introduced to UK drinkers as Miller Lite but the term was ditched in the early 1990s as the idea of a light beer with 4.2% alcohol failed to catch on. A packaging change also sees Miller moving away from its traditional white livery to silver. Scottish Courage has added a new dispensing system to 12-pack cases. Perforated rings on each side of the pack are torn away allowing easy access to a can as another slides into place. Latest figures from ACNielsen show 12-packs' volume share of the lager market has grown to 13%. This month's relaunch will be supported by instore displays, merchandising and a direct mail campaign. In Scotland it will be backed by an advertising campaign in October. {{DRINKS }}