Discovery Foods has just launched an ambient soured cream in a jar, which it says is an industry first. It is positioned in the Mexican fixture, offering convenience for Tex-Mex meal purchasers. Discovery marketing director Paul Vita said: "Soured cream is a key accompaniment for most Tex-Mex dishes. Currently, consumers can only buy soured cream from the chiller cabinet and they have to remember to purchase before or after a visit to the Mexican fixture. Often they end up not buying soured cream at all, resulting in a missed sale for the retailer." The product has a shelf life of six months and is free from artificial preservatives. n A variation on traditional pesto is Geeta's Foods' Indian Hara Masala. With its mild-to-medium taste, the coriander leaf sauce hails from the region of Sind, and Geeta's says it is an ideal accompaniment to seafood. n Fiddes Payne has introduced vacuum-packed vanilla pods with the aim of protecting their natural flavouring and prolonging shelf life. The vanilla pods are packed in long silver cigar' tubes containing information on product origin. Rsp is #2.99 and there are two vanilla pods in each tube. {{FOCUS ON }}