Easter weekend is here and being one of the biggest confectionery- consuming events of the year, it is unsurprising that Cadbury, Nestlé and Mars have been fighting for the attention of shoppers, all prominently promoting their novelty eggs in the big five.
Cadbury succeeded in gaining the top position in the brand chart this week, knocking off Nestlé, which had consecutively led for the past month.
Cadbury's promotions include multibuy and bogofs not only on its chocolate eggs but also on old favourites such as Fingers and Dairy Milk.
Supercook also joins in on pushing seasonal fare with special offers on cake and egg-decorating kits to occupy children while they are on their Easter break.
Elsewhere, top seafood supplier Young's Bluecrest has entered the charts with offers on chilled and frozen produce including frozen scampi, salmon fillets and peeled prawns.
Active in the alcohol category this week is wine brand Wolf Blass and vodka connoisseur's Smirnoff.

Sainsbury is unrelenting in its promotional drive, continuing to top the retailer chart ahead of closest contender Morrisons. Easter is again the time for the battle of the biggest names in British confectionery, with Cadbury, Nestlé and Mars taking the top three places in the brand chart, while Young's Bluecrest is a new entry to the chart this week. The pictures show Cadbury/Mars/Nestlé Easter eggs at Tesco, Supercook at Asda, Wolf Blass at Asda