A producer of premium Japanese sakés for the Continental market is aiming to educate consumers, as well as attract new drinkers with the UK launch of Isaké Premium.

The new brand, which will be on shelf in Selfridges in May, has a modern label featuring the three founding partners, aimed at reflecting the idea of blending tradition and modernity, and to make it more accessible to the English market.

The producer, Isaké Ltd, plans to target independent wine merchants and off-licences with Isaké Premium, priced at £9.90 for 180ml, £15.90 for 300ml, £29 for 720ml and £69.90 for 1,800ml.

Jean-Louis Naveilhan, sommelier and joint partner, said: "Our objective is to change consumer perception of the product and to put it on an equal footing with fine wines."

Naveilhan explained that saké is often wrongly considered to be a spirit and the company wanted to promote the fact that it is fermented, with flavours of lemon, peach, melon and honey. "It is a unique 'cuvée' made from rice. It is a perfect partner for all types of cuisine."

The 14.5% abv Isaké Premium is already on sale at restaurants and cocktail bars in London, and the company also has saké products listed in specialist food and department stores.

Partner Kumiko Ohta said: "We strive to represent our traditional breweries by informing consumers about saké's properties and exquisite tastes." The company can offer different terroirs and tastes to the European market.