It is planning to push home the benefits of cork to the trade and collect the closures from the stands and from the bottles submitted to the International Wine Challenge which precedes the fair. The Real Cork ­ Irreplaceable' campaign is providing each stand with bins to collect the corks. These will be collected daily and brought to the Portuguese Cork Association stand. The organisers say the bins will provide an eyecatching spectacle and give the trade a better idea of how many bottles of wine are opened at the fair. Association chairman Francisco Brito Evangelista says: "Unlike other closures, real cork stoppers are not a pollutant and are biodegradable and recyclable. They can be made into a variety of products, including flooring and gaskets for car engines. "The initiative has evolved from a high demand for such a scheme from the trade and we are hoping to demonstrate how we are working with the wine industry to promote the sustainability of cork." The cork industry began a campaign to promote cork closures earlier this year. {{FEATURES }}