Kallo Foods is out to prove that gluten and wheat-free foods are good enough to be eaten by anyone, with a premium range of indulgent biscuits and bites.

Free to Enjoy consists of milk chocolate and almond wafer biscuits; yoghurty white chocolate and strawberry wafer biscuits; milk chocolate and hazelnut clusters; and yoghurty white chocolate and cranberry clusters. Priced between £1.99 and £2.39, the range will be in Asda later this month, and in Tesco and Sainsbury by mid-July.

The range was developed by marketing manager Lena Symonds, whose husband suffers from coeliac disease - a condition caused by an inability to digest gluten.

"People with food intolerances can find their choice very limited, with 'free from' products often looking like they would be more at home on the shelves of a chemist," said Symonds.

"I wanted to develop an indulgent treat that Richard and others with coeliac ­disease would be happy to share with friends."