Anchovies are the latest fish to become the subject of warnings about over-fishing, being named as a ‘fish to avoid’ in a new report.

The Marine Conservation Society names anchovies alongside numerous other types of fish and shellfish on a list of ‘unsustainable’ species, with almost 70 types picking up the body’s most threatened rating – alongside the likes of Atlantic salmon and swordfish.

An anchovy fishery in the Bay of Biscay closed in 2004 and stocks off the Portuguese coast are now also severely depleted, according to The Guardian.

The society also slammed food labelling that fails to provide consumers with enough information to shop ethically.

“There are not many anchovy left in European waters, and we say people should avoid them to give populations a chance to recover,” said MCS fisheries officer Sam Wilding.

He added: “Labelling of seafood sold in the UK is lacking detail, and as such is not fit for purpose. This is leading to confusion. It is vital that consumers are given better information to act upon if we are to reduce the tragedy of over-fishing.”