PepsiCo: Walkers cheese and onion crisps will be one of the first products to carry the Carbon Trust's mark and are expected to hits shelves later this month. PepsiCo is supporting the labels with a detailed website.

Alliance Boots: Boots is introducing carbon label PoS material for a Botanics shampoo. It expects to have the label on shelf barkers in 250 stores by July. The label will appear on its new Ingredients shampoo range.

Innocent: Displaying the carbon label for all smoothie recipes on its website, starting with its mango and passionfruit smoothie. It has also pledged to reduce further the amount of virgin PET plastic it uses and conduct energy audits with its manufacturing partners.

In the wings...

Tesco: Said in January it was searching for a universally accepted and commonly understood measure of the footprint of every line its sells. It also intends to help customers reduce their footprint through its website.