Standards evolve as database links point up trends Hilliard: Consistent quality supply from the right source' Malton updates code of practice Suppliers to Unigate subsidiary Malton Bacon are this week receiving an update to The Malton Code, introduced in November last year. MD Max Hilliard said: "All our mainland pigs are purchased on a rolling contract, which guarantees me a consistent supply of the right quality from a known source. "We first saw the stall and tether legislation in 1991, setting out the ban which comes into effect at the end of this year, and took this as a clear sign of what the consumer was looking for. "From the early '90s, we set about understanding what goes on on the other side of the farm gate, as well as consulting our retail partners, technical and commercial. "We pulled together the information that they and we believed we ought to have on farm practices." Malton employed trained auditors to visit every one of the 2,000 farms, including suppliers of weaners to Malton's finishers. The information returned has been compiled into a relational database, with 125 items on every farm. Said Hilliard: "The standard is evolving with our database, so we can revise constantly." {{MEAT }}