Bottlegreen Drinks is adding a new line to its portfolio and sprucing up its pressé range, as part of a £1.4m marketing investment for 2006.
It is launching a still elderflower drink in one-litre and 250ml Tetra Pak cartons, and adding a sweet lime variant to its pressé range. Revamped packaging across the pressé range aims to reflect the brand's 'quintessentially English' image and communicate more effectively with consumers.
Each variant carries one of five labels, highlighting quality, provenance, ingredients, or a serving suggestion. Examples include: 'made with fragrant elderflowers' or 'uniquely cold-filtered', as well as 'lightly sparkling' to clear up confusion over the term 'pressé'.
In the 25cl range, the red pressés, cranberry, blackcurrant and raspberry, come in clear bottles to show off the colour.