In our Meat and Fish supplement on 7 April 2007 we published an article concerning Grampian Country Food Group. This article may have been understood to suggest that management changes introduced by David Salkeld, the chief executive of Grampian between 2003-2005, had left Grampian on the verge of insolvency. In fact, we accept that this period was a turbulent one for the whole industry with increased competitiveness and avian influenza affecting markets. Further, whilst Grampian's pre-tax profit was £1.3 million in the year to May 2005, operating profits were £43.6 million and we are happy to accept that the company's customer base was stable and growing.

If The Grocer's article was understood to mean that Mr Salkeld had left Grampian on the verge of insolvency and with an unstable and shrinking customer base then we accept that this was not the case and we apologise to Mr Salkeld for any distress caused thereby.