Asda provided the cheapest of our four full baskets for The Grocer 33 this week, while Sainsbury took the honours for best customer care.
Asda’s full basket in Stowmarket cost £38.05, down 10p on the chain’s nominal price last week due to cheaper apples. The store was clean and staff helpful, but a combination of half-term shoppers and stacking trolleys caused aisle congestion.
Sainsbury in Aylesford charged £38.62. The store was immaculate and staff were helpful with queries. Our pregnant shopper was pleased when the till operator called for a staff member to carry the shopping to her car and the gesture helped the store to clinch this week’s Storewatch title.
In Airdrie, Safeway continued the chain’s improved availability and charged £43.68 for all 33 items. Aisles were congested by stacking crates and apples were scanned at £1.49 instead of £1.29.
Waitrose in Monmouth was an easy shop and a full basket was checked in for £44.14. The store was clean and tidy, while staff were knowledgeable and helpful.
Aisles at Morrisons in St Helen’s were congested with shelf-fillers. Staff were polite but there was no offer to pack.
The layout at Tesco in Portadown caused a lot of back-tracking for items which made for a long shop.
Staff at Somerfield in Yeovil promoted its new Saver card, which caused delays. The Co-op in Blyth was untidy.