Washington State, which supports one of the largest apple industries in the world, has taken the UK organic market by storm this year. Imports so far this season have already accounted for over a quarter of its 470,000 carton shipments until the end of March. With a season which extends through the summer, George Smith, UK director of the Washington Apple Commission, is optimistic that the final total, still based on conventionally grown Red Delicious, could be closer to a million cartons. "We are also seeing a far wider range of niche varieties such as Pink Lady, Golden Delicious, Braeburn, Fuji, Gala and Granny Smith," he said, "also available in the organic range." - Within five years Germany's major apple marketing groups spread across the country may come together to establish where appropriate a single sales desk to meet European multiple requirements according to Frank Doscher, md of Elbe-Obst. {{M/E FRESH PRODUCE }}