The company marketing Jazz apples in the UK has turned to science to prove the attraction of the Gala/Braeburn cross.

Worldwide Fruit commissioned boffins at the University of Leeds' Food Chain Centre of Industrial Collaboration to decide whether its apples were more crunchy than Rich Tea biscuits or thick-cut crisps. The Jazz scored highest when 'bitten' into by a texture analysing machine.

Professor Malcolm Povey, who led the research, believes eating pleasure is linked to the level of noise produced by food, which is associated with freshness. "When you munch a Jazz apple you are creating massive peaks of ultrasound in your head that we experience as a vibration sensation," he explained.

A spokeswoman for Worldwide Fruit said the results would have been published even if Jazz had not topped the list. "We just wanted to capture the public's imagination and show how enjoyable eating apples can be."