UK set to take 500,000 cartons Summer push for Pink Lady Pink Lady apple growers from six countries are giving the variety a boost this summer to introduce it to more consumers with the message it is a premium variety worthy of its price. While this is decided between multiples and suppliers, Gordon Winterbottom, md of Corrego, the trademark agent, believes it should be selling during the summer at around 79p-99p/lb, compared with around 59p/lb for speciality apples such as Fuji and the NZ Pacific range, or Goldens and Granny Smith at 39p-49p/lb. "The two major sources will be South Africa and Australia, with additional Pink Lady being shipped from New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and Brazil," he said. He expects the UK to take around 500,000 cartons. As the last of the winter crop from France and California comes to a close, the first South African fruit is due this week. It will be available until August and supported by Australia which arrives in June and lasts until October. Pink Lady has teamed up with the British Dental Foundation to help launch a National Smile Week in May, with a summer long search for the winner to be announced in September. Winterbottom says the promotional budget will also get spent on instore tastings and PoS material will be available. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}