Golden Delicious and Granny Smith will lose top spots Consumers turn from traditional Consumers' choice of apple varieties is moving away from traditional types towards bicoloured varieties such as Gala, Braeburn and brightly coloured red apples like Empire and Pink Lady. The change has been confirmed by the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Information Bureau after the consolidation of the results of several major industry surveys. Golden Delicious, still the most popular sold by volume in a market which consumes more than 562,000 tonnes of apples a year, could along with Granny Smith, be superseded within six years, it believes. Braeburn is particularly popular with adults, children prefer sweet varieties such as Empire and Royal Gala, and sales of Russets have increased 50%. Meanwhile there is plenty of choice this season as multiples continue to switch away from late stored southern hemisphere fruit, slashing prices. The expected eight million tonne European crop which will last at least until the late spring is one of the heaviest recorded. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}