Discovery volumes down The English apple season has got under way with the first Discovery, likely to last for around three weeks. Adrian Barlow, chief executive of trade organisation English Apples and Pears, said: "Quality and skin finish have been exceptional, although there is less fruit of the variety this year." Estimates point to some 3,500t compared with 6,000t last season. Some growers have grubbed up orchards because the variety is no longer profitable. Meanwhile, French apple crops are eight to 10 days later than normal. This has led to the arrival of Spanish Gala to fill the gap. The French crop's colour and size have been heralded as good by Jacques Vanoye, president of the country's apple marketing committee. Newcomer Honeycrunch appeared last year in Sainsbury in a branded snackpack. The apple is grown exclusively by marketing group Pomanjou, which this year has 1,000 tonnes available. {{M/E FRESH PRODUCE }}