Boom time for Washington organic volume Washington has become a major player supplying a widening range of organic apples to UK supermarkets. While the season has several months to go, UK import figures are already triple last year's, topping 120,000 cartons by the end of November George Smith, European promotions director of the Washington Apple Commission, said: "The main varieties which are particularly successful are Gala and Braeburn." This month Sainsbury is featuring some 500,000 bags and trays of apples, including Goldens, Fuji and Pink Lady, in a Stay Organic consumer hotel voucher competition. Smith said he was delighted with the initial results, expected to be maintained in the Christmas build up. Conventionally grown imports of Washington fruit to date, mainly Red Delicious, have been slightly lighter than last year, due to a late start to the season. Multiple buyers waited until apples reached acceptable sugar levels. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}