Chinese crop gaining growing global clout Chinese apples may be considered a novelty by consumers, but Fuji is sold regularly, both loose and prepacked, in most supermarkets at around £1.70-£1.90/kg. There is never likely to be a shortage, for the Chinese apple crop has topped 20 million tonnes covering 2.44 million hectares. Privately owned orchards that were established in the 1980s are in full production and exports increased last year to a record of nearly 300,000 tonnes. Fuji accounts for 60% of the crop, but there are other varieties such as Red Star ­ similar to a Red Delicious ­ Gala, and locally named Teng Mu Number 1 and Zhuguang. Trade has been focused on the Far East and Russia but if the momentum continues, traditional international suppliers such as the US, Chile and France, will come under pressure, making the European market more competitive. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}