Continental growers work to keep premium pricing Holland holds out Tentation' Dutch apple growers are enthusiastic about the export prospects of a new honey coloured apple. Originally bred and registered in France by Delbard, the apple is called Tentation and its parentage is a Golden Delicious/Gifer hybrid. There is also some fruit being grown in the UK although, under the patent agreement, the name cannot be anglicised to become Temptation. English growers, who have some 35,000 trees coming to maturity, will soon meet heavy competition. Dutch national marketing organisation The Greenery International will also represent and sell for other European producers in Germany and Belgium. They are members of a continental club dedicated to keeping the fruit a premium priced variety. Erik Kieffenburg, responsible for TGI marketing development for top fruit sales, said: "The amount we will be able to sell between November and March will become quite substantial." He estimates current Dutch production to be about 130,000 15kg carton equivalents, but says this will increase at least fivefold in the next three years. Samples have already been sent to Tesco. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}