Argentina is set to emerge as a new global powerhouse in the poultry industry, driven by access to low-cost feed and high-quality production facilities, experts at Rabobank have predicted.

The country was a “natural candidate” for poultry production because it was a large producer of grains and protein crops such as corn and soybeans, giving poultry producers access to competitively priced feed, the agricultural lender said in a new report.

Although Argentina was primarily associated with beef consumption, its domestic poultry sector had done very well over the past decade, and the industry now needed to look for international opportunities to continue on its growth trajectory, it added.

Exports of Argentinean poultry were expected to double over the next 10 years, with most meat going into the EU, the Middle East and Asia, Rabobank said.

“Consumption of poultry meat will grow faster than that of other meats in the next decade,” it said. “As one of the lowest-cost producers in the world, with a favourable sanitary status and the capacity to expand production, Argentina is one of the key players that can step up t the challenge of meeting some of the growth in demand.