as Cravendale goes national Arla Foods is to support a national roll out of its Cravendale fresh milk brand with a £6m marketing campaign and a fresh new look. The campaign kicks off on June 17 and will include TV commercials, door-drop coupons, instore sampling, on-pack promotions and a new web site. The TV ad features a group of cows trying to get Cravendale back from a shopper because it tastes so good. The cows mount a James Bond-style operation to retrieve the milk, including scaling a building on a cleaner's hoist. The advert carries the strapline Cravendale, the cows want it back', highlighting Arla's claim that Cravendale is the best tasting milk on the market. Claire Huntingdon, business unit controller at Arla Foods, said: "Cravendale's volume is already greater than that of organic milk within the current regions." Cravendale is also getting a new look to coincide with the national roll out, incorporating an outdoors feel and tone'. However, the pack colours still fit with the traditional code of blue for whole milk, green for semi-skimmed and red for skimmed. Huntingdon said the national roll-out had been made possible by a multimillion pound expansion of Arla's dairy at Hatfield Peveral in Essex. The investment will see production rise from a weekly average of 1.3 million litres to two million litres. {{P&P }}