Arla is separating the feta lines from its Discover cheese brand portfolio to position them under the brand name Apetina.
The move follows a ruling by the European Court of Justice that no non-Greek cheese can be called feta after September 2007. The dairy giant&'s strategy is to establish the Apetina brand clearly in consumers&' minds, so there is no need for the feta description.
It is investing more than £2m in marketing the new moniker, with TV, press and online advertising set to kick off next month.
The range covers block, cubes and salad packs in standard and light variants, with red peppers and green olives and in marinade. All come in resealable packs, in retail-ready packaging and include draining baskets and tray formats.
Brand manager Michael Evans said Arla had worked closely with retailers to develop the range. &"Apetina will increase the mainstream appeal of feta, encouraging consumers to see it as a regular purchase.&"