Lever Brothers has launched two new products under its Comfort fabric conditioner brand, aimed at keeping clothes fragrant in between washes. Refresh ­ a rival product to P&G's Febreze ­ is positioned as a "pick-me-up" spray for clothes which are still clean but have unpleasant food or smoke smells clinging to them. Refresh claims to get rid of the odours in five to 10 minutes. Rsp is £1.25 for 100ml, £2.19 for 300ml. The other product is a new take on pot-pourri. Comfort Keepfresh sachets can be placed in drawers or wardrobes to keep clothes smelling of Comfort for up to six weeks. Rsp is £2.19 for three sachets. A TV and press advertising campaign is planned to coincide with the launch of Refresh and Keepfresh, which appear on shelf from April 3. {{P&P }}