There’s plenty of reflection on the latest results from Marks & Spencer, which yesterday reported flat food sales. The Financial TimesDaily Mail and The Times all get stuck in.

The decision by the Takeover Panel to impose a ‘put up or shut up’ deadline on Kraft as it pursues Cadbury also attracts plenty of attention, with the FT, The Times and the Guardian among those to take a look.

Coca-Cola has ended its long-running sponsorship of the Football League, the Guardian notes.

There’s glee in the papers at defeat for Tesco over a planned store in Last of the Summer Wine country. The Independent seems particularly pleased – and even the normally sober FT invokes the ghost of Nora Batty for its report.

The Indy also reports that eating sweets makes kids violent in later life. Although kids also get violent when they’re denied sweets, experience tells us.

It was in the Sun this morning (although not online) – Diageo has ended its threat of legal action against Sainsbury’s over its, erm, ‘homage’ to Pimm’s, called Pitchers. Here’s a report from the BBC.

And the Mail is back on about the bee crisis, wondering if pesticides are to blame.