More fallout today from Tesco ‘s latest figures – The Independent reckons the supermarket will look to step up its price war with Asda yet again, while the Daily Telegraph asks whether its big ‘discounter’ push has backfired. Either way, the Financial Times is in no doubt that the UK’s largest retailer faces a tough year.

Off the back of yesterday’s results for Premier Foods and Northern Foods, the FT goes with news that the bosses of both companies predict continued inflation in the food sector in 2009.

The Times, meanwhile, reckons Northern has had the last laugh on M&S after those results showed its decision to opt out of Project Genocide wasn’t such a bad call.

Coffee is the subject of today’s obligatory Daily Mail health scare – apparently drinking seven cups a day can lead to hallucinations (possibly involving carcinogenic mouthwash and 100W light bulbs – or maybe that’s just Mail readers).

So it’s just as well, perhaps, that a poor crop in Brazil is likely to hurt global coffee production next year.

And university graduates worried about their job prospects now the City has stopped hiring canrest easy – Aldi will pay graduates £40k a year and throw in an Audi, according to the Mail.