Magners maker C&C hasn’t been having the best time of it lately, with cider rivals pinching market share with their own ‘homage’ to its over-ice favourite. And now C&C is red-faced again after being forced to revise its latest quarterly figures. Instead of sales being up, they’re down. Again. The Financial Times reports.

The Daily Mail also has the story.

After The Grocer reported that tea sales are in recovery thanks to the popularity of herbal varieties and green tea, the FT reports that Tetley owner Tata Tea is on the hunt for acquisitions to grow its portfolio beyond tea into regular soft drinks.

Bad news for every food company – eating less prolongs your lifespan. Actually it’s not news – The Guardian reported it last week, but that doesn’t stop the Independent getting stuck in today. Also in non-news, the Mail reports that chilli sales are up (this story appeared elsewhere last week too).

The Mail also reports on the ‘fat pill’ that can make you lose weight. Whether this counts towards boosting your longevity isn’t entirely clear.

And The Times profiles Tesco retail director David Potts.