Aside from the Tesco’s first-quarter results, which you can read about on here, it’s a quiet day in the papers for foodie news.

If you’re keen for more on the Tesco numbers, here’s what they have to say in The Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, The Times and, for a change of pace, the Sun.

Also in the Telegraph, the shock news that one school has banned bananas due to a teacher’s allergy. Told you it was a quiet day.

Private equity giant KKR is on the hunt for takeover targets again, snapping up a $150m stake in a Chinese milk producer – maybe it got a decent deal in the wake of the melamine dairy scare a while back. The Financial Times reports.

The Daily Mail reflects on yesterday’s disappointing numbers at Majestic Wine, whose metaphorical glass, the paper  notes wryly, is “half empty”.

Better news for Red Bull, however, with teachers voicing concerns (again) that kids are getting hooked on the energy drink. Nothing like a loyal customer base, eh?