The Financial Times reports on further turbulence at Marks & Spencer, which is poised to cut its dividend for shareholders as a result of stalling financial performance.

The same story features in the Daily Mail, which again uses the excuse of an M&S story to print a picture of Myleene Klass. And you can’t really blame them. The Mail also reports that M&S may offer a full range of personal banking services to cash in on consumer contempt for the usual lenders.

The Guardian continues its running feud with Tesco, claiming the supermarket giant is failing to keep promises to improve the working conditions for fruit pickers in South Africa.

The Independent, meanwhile, reports that the native British black bee could be set for a comeback as hive-minded honey fans look to reverse the alarming drop in bee numbers over the past few years.

And The Times says cans of wine are gaining in popularity at a time when sales of regular bottles are starting to lose their sparkle.