Away from the surprisingly positive results for Tesco, which you can read about here, the news among the big corporates is a $6bn bid by PepsiCo for its largest bottler. The Financial Times has this one covered.

Remember the fuss a few weeks ago about takeaways opening near to schools? The Daily Mail reports on the Caribbean eatery closed down by ‘fast food police’ for its proximity to an educational establishment.

Elsewhere in the Mail, more bad news for Gordon Ramsay – after his restaurants were engulfed in that boil-in-the-bag storm, the posh Chelsea diner run by the UK’s sweariest chef has now been knocked off San Pellegrino’s list of the world’s top 100 restaurants.

The Guardian and the Daily Telegraph are among those queuing up to stick the knife in.

And in a bizarre story on an otherwise quiet news day in food and drink (Tesco aside), The Guardian reports that the basic building blocks that comprise this crazy universe of ours taste of… raspberries.