It’s a busy day in the Financial Times. Today the online version of Woolworths launches, offering downloadable pick’n’mix (or something)

And there's news of good results for McBride.

As The Grocer has previously reported, there could be a shortfall in sugar due to a failing crop in India.

There’s also more on the internal strife at Marks & Spencer but better news for the new boss of Tate & Lyle, who is in line for a very sweet pay packet (despite any looming sugar crisis).

Other interested parties on the Woolworths story include the Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.

The Guardian also reports that some supermarket salads contain more calories than your average fast food binge, which is also of interest to the Daily Mail and The Sun, among others,

And the Telegraph advises investors to dine out on Northern Foods, which apparently could earn you a tidy profit.