It’s all gone a bit quiet on the Cadbury front for a few days – since the Takeover Panel set its deadline, anyway. The Daily Mail says if Cadbury is holding out for a bidding war, it’s likely to be disappointed, with potential bidders falling by the wayside.

Elsewhere in the Mail, good news of the ‘two birds, one stone’ variety – a new power plant uses food waste as fuel.

After The Grocer last week reported on Asda’s price war on bananas, the Independent asks why they’re currently so cheap – and what it means for producers.

Also in the Indy, news that Diageo has followed the lead of Waitrose in pulling its advertising from the Glenn Beck show on Fox News. Tesco, it adds, hasn’t.

No wonder Italians and Spaniards are always so nauseatingly upbeat and full of life – a Mediterranean diet helps combat depression, according to reports in the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mirror and the Independent.

The Guardian says four of the world’s biggest meat companies have signed an agreement to stop buying cattle from deforested parts of the Amazon basin. The Guardian also has news of the legal battle taking shape in Ireland over the tobacco display ban.

And the Daily Express says the nation’s favourite illicit snack (not actually illegal but a bit naughty) is the classic bacon sandwich.