There’s yet more on Premier Foods in today’s papers, with The Independent among those taking a gander at the manufacturer’s rights issue.

The Daily Mail prefers to focus on the £76m in fees Premier is apparently paying out.

The Indy also reports that a clutch of major coffee shops and convenience eateries like Greggs have pledged to make their stuff a bit healthier.

Elsewhere in the Mail is the news that one in 20 kebabs are infected with dangerous food poisoning. Just one in 20?

And talking of upset stomachs, the number of victims falling ill in the Fat Duck vomiting outbreak has apparently reached a whopping 400.

The Financial Times returns to the story of Tesco relocating its banking HQ to Edinburgh.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph reveals that Cheese & Onion has overtaken Ready Salted as the nation’s favourite crisp flavour. How long until its Cajun Squirrel?