In one of the more bizarre stories of recent times, Sainsbury’s has renamed pollack ‘colin’ because customers are apparently embarrassed to ask for the fish under its current vaguely risqué-sounding name. It smacks of a PR stunt, but it’s certainly done the trick in The Independent... and The Guardian.

The main news from the Financial Times is a cost-cutting plan by retail landlords, the proceeds of which they aim to pass on to consumers.

More news of the fallout from the Woolworths collapse, with the Daily Express reporting that Iceland (the chain, not the country) is set to snap up another raft of stores formerly owned by the defunct high street icon.

The same paper also has more on the drop in sales of organic products, which has been a bit of a recurring theme in the press of late.

And two stories from The Guardian over the weekend. The paper reported that there’s trouble brewing out West, with cider drinkers up in arms over the revamped Blackthorn, which they reckon is rubbish.

And there’s also news that Tesco’s recent triumph against a ‘competition test’ in planning law may not be the end of the story.