There’s no shortage of big stories around today with news about food inflation, Tesco Ireland cutting its prices and the Co-operative’s storming results – all of which has covered.

The Independent has news of record sales for Poundland, which is presumably hoping the recession is as long and deep as possible.

Elsewhere, the Financial Times looks back on yesterday’s results from Metro Group, owner of Makro Cash & Carry, and has news of a boom in macaroni and cheese for US manufacturing giant Kraft.

The pink paper also has a rather fun report on the panel of self-appointed crisp connoisseurs in King’s Lynn that host a weekly Salt & Vinegar World Cup.

The Daily Telegraph, meanwhile, reports that the Gala is set to be crowned as Britain’s favourite apple as it’s more profitable than the current holder, Cox’s Orange Pippin.

There is takeover talk in the Daily Mail, which reports that upmarket deli/restaurant chain Carluccio’s could be set to change hands.

And although the Mail is missing its usual cancer-scare story, it does at least have grim news about binge-drinking, which has apparently doubled among women since 2001.

The Sun has a different take on the story, reporting that it’s mostly older folks reaching for the bottle.