Look out! There’s a killer bug lurking in that chicken behind you!

That’s the message from Fleet Street today, after FSA research found the 65% of chooks on sale in the UK carry campylobacter, a bacterium that causes food poisoning. Luckily, this deadly threat can be countered by cooking your chicken before you eat it.

But the Daily Mail is still alarmed (surprise, surprise), as are – to a lesser extent – the Independent, The Times and the Daily Telegraph. The Daily Express has a predictably measured response.

In less alarmist news, there’s plenty of reflection on yesterday’s results from Tesco. Some choose to focus on the Tesco Bank announcement – including the Telegraph, the Guardian and the Daily Mirror. The Independent looks back on the sales numbers themselves.

The food trade continues to keep the ASA busy – Coca-Cola has now been slapped down over an ad for its Glaceau Vitamin Water for implying certain health benefits.

The Financial Times says ready meals giant Northern Foods is on track to meet its performance targets.

And finally, in news from the Mail likely to prove devastating to absolutely no-one, Prince Philip can’t find any truffles on his Sandringham plot. Poor darling.