After yesterday’s trading update, it’s all getting a bit heated between Tesco and Sainsbury’s, as The Times and the Daily Telegraph both report. The Daily Mirror has Sainsbury’s “trolley-bashing” the UK’s largest retailer, while the Independent goes for something a little more restrained.

There’s also widespread interest in the latest figures from Thorntons as the chocolate specialist gears up for the key Christmas period. The Times and the Guardian both have the chain “defying the recession”, although it seems pretty clear that when people are skint they cheer themselves up with sweets, right? The Financial Times also licks its lips.

Also good for what ails you – beer sales are up significantly at Spitfire brewer Shepherd Neame, as the Telegraph notes.

However, as the Conservative party conference draws to a close, news that they plan a new tax on super-strength booze. The Guardian and the Independent take a look.

And there’s a cautionary tale for Kraft in the FT in case it fancies tinkering with the Dairy Milk brand. Its efforts to rebrand Vegemite in Australia have been predictably unpopular.