The British Pig Executive has targeted key figures in retailing in a bid to further its campaign against pigmeat imports.
BPEX this week sent tins containing a miniature sow to 34 senior staff at the UK’s leading supermarkets.
Those receiving the ‘gift’ included marketing directors Tim Mason (Tesco), Chris Pilling (Asda) and Stephen Nelson (Sainsbury), and Morrisons joint MD Marie Melnyk. The stunt was designed to communicate to retailers the key claim in BPEX’s campaign, which is that two-thirds of imported pork, bacon, ham and sausages comes from pigs produced to welfare standards that would be illegal in the UK.
The toy pig in the tin sent out was confined by a cardboard stall. It was designed to illustrate that while stall and tether techniques are outlawed in the UK, they remain legal in most EU countries.
BPEX marketing manager Chris Lukehurst said: “The intention of our campaign has always been to put pressure on the supermarkets. But while the pork buyers are very aware of what we are doing, the senior management may not be, which is why we have extended our campaign to them.”