A series of poster adverts by Tango have been criticised by the Advertising Standards Agency as “vulgar”, “unedifying” and “ridiculous” – but have otherwise escaped censure following a spate of complaints from the public.

The ASA rejected more than 80 complaints against the posters, which Tango subsequently pulled.

One poster stated that “too much Tango made me suck a bull’s udder” while a second claimed the drink could lead to flatulence that smells of oranges.

“Despite the possible sexual implications to some, we considered that the [first] ad presented an outlandish and ridiculous scenario as opposed to an explicit reference to bestiality, and any perversity was outweighed by the absurdity of the notion,” the regulator said.

Tango admitted “the ads were not necessarily to everyone's personal taste” but said it “had tried to entertain their target audience without causing serious or widespread offence”.

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