Asda has boosted its long-term supply of premium beef by offering heavily discounted Sauvignon bull semen to its farmers.

The supermarket has offered its Anglo Beef Processors farmers semen from the Sauvignon bull at a 62.5% discount in an attempt to get more farmers to produce the meat. They will now pay £7.50 for a straw instead of £20.

While Sauvignon had only previously been affordable to pedigree cattle breeders, the discounted scheme would now make it affordable for commercial producers, Asda claimed.

The supermarket said the initiative was part of plans to obtain more premium quality meat. "Earlier this year through our BeefLink scheme, Asda set out clear market signals regarding the criteria of beef we are ideally looking to obtain by rewarding suppliers with a new 10p/kg 'Extra Special' bonus," said agricultural develpoment manager Pearce Hughes.

The supermarket is also offering beef and dairy suppliers high-welfare artificial insemination training.